Keith's Amateur Astronomy & ATM Page

I became interested in amateur astronomy in 1998 after finding the Delmarva Stargazers astronomy club whose dark sky site is 20 minutes from my home. These are a great bunch of guys and gals. Their help greatly shortened the learning curve of this hobby. I would recommend that anyone just starting out join a club in their area.
I soon found that I enjoy building telescopes as much as looking through them. Below are some projects I have completed. Click on image for more details.

Binocular Mount

8" f8 dob

10" f4.5 dob

Coronado H-alpha scope mount

So What's Next? Probably something larger. Maybe a truss tube. I have also purchased Mel Bartels kit to motorize your dob so I might try that. I also have a 6" mirror I made that I would like to make a travel scope out of. One thing is for sure I am not done yet.

Keith Lohmeyer