Smith Island, Maryland

Ewell, Smith Island. Photo by Lester M. Crockett, Jr.
Ewell, Smith Island
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Smith Island lies in the Chesapeake Bay twelve miles west of Crisfield, Maryland. It's the largest inhabited offshore island in the Chesapeake Bay. The eight by four mile island has three communities for a total population of about 400 people. Tylerton, Ewell and Rhodes Point are located on small areas of high ground which exist among large estuarine marshes. The primary livelihood of the residents comes from the bountiful waters of the Chesapeake Bay. The watermen harvest Chesapeake Bay blue crabs and ship them to markets around the world. There's also a growing tourist industry, which helps provide income for those islanders who don't work on the water.

Blue Hard Crab

Smith Island is such a wonderful place to visit.The people are friendly and life there is just simple and relaxing. Step back in time and enjoy the simple pleasures of living on "An Island Out of Time". If you live within driving distance of Crisfield, Maryland, you to can enjoy a wonderful afternoon on the island by taking the daily ferry. It leaves the Crisfield city dock at 12:30 P.M. and returns around 5 P.M. There's also a ferry to Tangier Island, Virginia, which has a similar schedule. Cruise on the Bay, dine on fresh seafood, lots of fresh air - sounds good doesn't it? Well, it is. Hope you can visit soon and experience it for yourself. You'll be most welcome.

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A crab potter's poem:
"A Day In The Life Of A Smith Island Crab Potter" by Jennings Evans

A poem all sailors can identify with from the Poet of the Sea:
"In Love With The Sea" by John C. Hammond

National Geographic article: Smith Island is one of the vanishing islands of the Chesapeake Bay - resulting from the effects of rising sea levels around the world.

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